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Information about the area:

Beylikduzu is considered one of the very vital areas in Istanbul because of its vital services and facilities and

many picturesque coastlines, which has become a tourist destination in recent times, in addition to the

presence of the tourist port, which connects us to the tourist city of Bursa and Yalova.

Our project is in the middle of all these facilities, the most important of which is the E5 express line,

which is the artery of Istanbul because of the metrobus, which connects the farthest of European Istanbul

to the farthest of Asia, in addition to the number of vital facilities such as hospitals,

universities, schools and commercial complexes.


What distinguishes the project is its proximity to many vital

facilities and its distance from the all noises and  of the city.

The project contains 31 villas with a net area of ​​not less than 300 meters distributed over 4 floors,

in addition to a garden with an average area of ​​100 meters.

The villa contains 4 rooms, 2 salons and 4 bathrooms, high-quality finishing with external heat insulators,

in addition to sound insulation and 25 cm thick wall insulation.

In addition to the floor heating system and the heating chimney in the hall,

which increases the aesthetics of the place, with the possibility of adding a Turkish bath and an elevator inside the villa.

The project includes a common swimming pool for all villas with an area of ​​120 meters, a space for children’s

games, a 24-hour security system, in addition to a private car garage at the bottom of the project.

 Nearby the project :

2 minutes on the coast of Gorpinar
5 minutes to the marina.
5 minutes Albatros coast.
An average of 10 minutes: 3 commercial complexes, 6 hospitals, 15 local and private schools.
E5 Express: 10 minutes
15 minutes to IDO Port which arrives at Bursa Yalova Port.

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