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Information about the Esenyurt district in Istanbul:

Because of the large number of companies and factories located in the Esenyurt area, the largest segment of the population in the area is young people. They make up about 40%.

The area extends over an area of ​​2776 square kilometres.

It is the most region in Turkey in general embracing the population, with more than one million people, and it is the most (accompanied by the Fatih Municipality in Istanbul) embracing foreigners and Arabs in particular.

Despite being a relatively young municipality (classified as a municipality in 2008), it has experienced a population expansion in the last century. ie long ago.

The area was more like a complete agricultural village, which was highly dependent on agricultural crops produced from the vast lands stretching in the arms of the Esenyurt region.

But with global urbanization, the region had a share of modernity.

Its residents began turning to non-traditional occupations such as tourism, technology industries, and real estate.

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