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Real estate in Ataşehir:

Atasehir district in Istanbul

The modern residential complexes in this area were established in a unique style, as the tallest residential towers in the area were formed.

The region is also characterized by patterns of commercial investment properties, due to the high financial advantages mentioned in the region.

The boom in the real estate sector in the Atasehir region has contributed to the growth of the infrastructure in the region, which includes modern public facilities.

The region hosts the largest financial center in Istanbul, such as Sisli and Maslak. It also contains major shopping centers, famous educational institutions, and prominent tourist attractions.

General information about Atasehir:

The region has attracted hundreds of thousands of residents, who have activities and businesses, whether in it or in the surrounding areas, and who worked with the Ataşehir region in forming a global economic power hub.

It is surrounded by Kadikoy, Uskudar, Maltepe, Umraniye, Çekmeköy, Sanjaktepe and Sultanbeyli.

And if you want to see the area with a clear panoramic view, you can climb the hill of brides in Uskudar, and then you can be sure of the high value that the area enjoys.

It is also one of the most famous areas with high-rise skyscrapers, due to the rise of international companies established in the area.

Although it is not considered a large area, it is only 26 km.

However, it has a large population of about 500,000 people, which has given it a high population density.

The region contains a prestigious financial center with more than 50 thousand people.

It was considered a municipality in 2009, as it is characterized by absolute modernity in its composition as infrastructure, real estate and investment features.

One of the interesting information is that Orhan Gazi defeated the Byzantines in the old days in the Atasehir district of Istanbul.

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