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Tahincioğlu nidapark çengelköy.

Property in Üsküdar

About the area: Property in Üsküdar

Üsküdar region is one of the most famous tourist areas in the city, because of its old mystery.

It became under spot  in the last years before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, as it received Muslims immigrants from the the Middle East and was the main entrance from Anatolia to the opposite side.

The area, due to its dazzling nature, has become an essential place to visit  for tourists from East and West.

It is one of the central areas in Istanbul, where you can see ,  everything that is located on the Bosphorus is a center.

Üsküdar has become not only a geographical center, but a field like a magnet where eyes of all classes are drawn.

And among of its features, it has become a dream for everyone to live and settle in.

It is also full of vitality and joy due to its three hills, which have long been established as one of the traditions of Turkish weddings, to take pictures that are immortalized in the memory.

it is so called ,  what is called the proverb circulating among businessmen: “ Üsküdar region… the investment paradise.”

Üsküdar  have a rare characteristics that combine tourism, commerce and real estate, and it was one of the main reasons for Istanbul’s cultural achievement.

And like other suburbs of the Asian region of Istanbul, the nature has spread in its beauty, which is adorned with wonderful colors.



About Tahincioğlu nidapark çengelköy:

project area extends over 71,355 square meters.

number of buildings : 12 buildings.

Designed in a modern way to give you an automatic feeling that you live in an entire city that belongs to you alone.

Artificial lakes and green spaces make up about 70% of the project area.

Fantastic views of the Bosphorus, all these features make the life of dreams closer than ever.


Services of the project :

Indoor and outdoor pools.

Walking paths and green gardens.

Special places for children’s games.

Gyms of the highest standard.

Sauna, steam and spa rooms.

Turkish bath.

Project cafes.

The residents of this project will become like family, life is different inside, and the resident feels absolutely safe.


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