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Pendik district in Istanbul | The fortified city

Pendik district in Istanbul

If any economist in any investment field wants to draw a map of the best areas of Istanbul, he will definitely put the Pendik area in Istanbul as one of the best of these areas.

its Pendik district in Istanbul , is one of the most important compasses of the ancient city.

As the region acquired a unique and special character in a wide area of ​​investment in various fields of life.

It was called in the past “Pantikon” and this name in Greek means

“fortified city” in Arabic because it is surrounded by mountain ranges and fortified heights.

The Turkish government has launched projects to develop infrastructure in the region,

and the most important project was Sabiha International Airport, which was opened in 2000.

This was the most prominent wheel that propelled the great chariot of the Renaissance,

which included the region and its vicinity.

From the westernmost point in the Pendik district, you can reach the center of Istanbul,

Taksim and the Bosphorus in just 20 minutes.

The region is one of the 7 largest municipalities of the 40 municipalities that made up the metropolis of Istanbul.

Therefore, when you read the names of the neighboring regions,

you will feel for a moment that they are exaggerated due to their abundance,

but the truth is that the larger the size of the region, the more its borders meet with other regions.

Pendik district in Istanbul

General information about the Pendik district in Istanbul:

It has a total area of ​​278 square kilometers, a population of about 700,000,

and is located in the Asian side of Istanbul.

The main occupations of the people of this region are agriculture, fishing, and industry.

But with the renewal of life and the emergence of modern technologies for work,

its residents moved from traditional professions to modern professions such as real estate, tourism and technology.

Its neighbors are Maltepe, Sheila, Çekmeköy, Sanjaktepe, Kartal, Tuzla, and Kocaeli.

On the southern side,

the Pendik district of Istanbul has the most charming and fresh sea views of the Marmara Sea!

The region has already witnessed a real estate renaissance,

as it has become filled with huge real estate facilities and modern residential projects.

It is considered a useful area for investment, as it hosts Sabiha Airport, as we mentioned.


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