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Own a property in Turkey


Do you dream of owning a property in Turkey? Is real estate demand still high in Turkey by foreigners? We will learn all this and more in this article.
We at Noor Al-Jorany’s Company know that owning a property in Turkey is a dream of all our valued customers, as they are now fully aware of the value of the real estate sector in Turkey, through the articles we publish on our website.

Own a property in Turkey

And if we know that last year Turkey managed to acquire a new record real estate number .
Real estate sales occupied the first place in Europe ,surpassing the united kingdom .
In fact, this is not the targeted information .
It is hiding behind the other news related to it, which indicates an increase in the
percentage of real estate sales to foreigners during March that passed by 31% compared to March of last year.

Which confirms Turkey’s trend towards achieving another record that will astonish
the world this year before we enter Turkey’s dream and vision for 2023.
Which coincides with the first centenary of the Turkish Republic.
Turkey wants the next year to be a special year, to be mentioned throughout
history for many years, and for the year to be a real spark in the race of major economic countries,
as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised that Turkey is determined
to enter the club of the top 10 economically around the world.

Own a property in Turkey

What are the most important tips about owning a property in Turkey?

Here are some important tips for clients who are about to own a property in Turkey.

1- Go to the area that serves and fill your purpose of purchase.
which is , not to buy a property for the purpose of investing in a residential area,
and do not buy a property for the purpose of living in an investment area!

You have to consider the classifications of the regions, so that you can have a successful purchase.

2- Be logical with owning a property in Turkey!
That is, do not believe everything your eyes see and what your ears hear! Unfortunately,
many of the ads that carry cheap real estate offers are fake offers.

You have to make sure before buying that you will not fall into the pit of real estate fraud.

3- Buy a property in Turkey because you need to buy!
That is, do not buy a property in Turkey without planning, you have to make sure that you really need to own a property, then you have to make a plan for how to manage the buying process and what you want to do after the purchase!


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