Ownership in Turkey for the Arabs

The upward curve of financial and political stability has tempted this huge amount of Turkey’s growing economy.

ownership in Turkey for the Arabs

So Turkey has become their first investment destination,

the eyes of investors from everywhere in the world,

in Turkey for what it guaranteed them, so Arab investors rushed to Turkey to invest and reside in different cities of Turkey. – Strong economic security,

proven profitability The Turkish government has enacted important laws that have facilitated and encouraged those who would like to invest in it, because of all of this:

: – The Turkish Citizenship Law 1 The motive was that this law,

in which the Turkish government has introduced the most prominent facilities for investors,

is undoubtedly important for most Arabs to own real estate in Turkey.

After the Turkish law stipulates that those who own real estate worth US $ 1 million are entitled to apply,

since September of last year, the Turkish government has made a change to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Everyone was waiting for him and then some of the procedures started,

only $ 250 thousand for Turkish citizenship as soon as he bought his value.

Turkish citizenship, which is easy for a period of two to two months,

is granted to this law.


ownership in Turkey for the Arabs.

The buyer and the naturalized citizen are obliged not to sell, transfer,

transfer or withdraw properties for at least three years since the purchase.

This law does not apply to those who bought the property before the date of enactment of the law on Turkish citizenship,

in 18/18/2018. The value of your property – within the citizenship procedure – is assessed by valuation offices approved by the Turkish government.

Therefore, there are certain investors who are not looking to acquire Turkish citizenship,

encouraging them – and others who want to acquire citizenship – through other laws that they like to invest.

Which benefits Turkey more than its economic status ( ownership in Turkey for the Arabs ).

Some have eliminated, for example, lowering taxes for investors in other sectors and the real estate sector,

and have allocated land, such as taxes that were imported from abroad to invest in certain sectors.

In order to stay and settle in Turkey, it has facilitated the investor to obtain residence for him and his family.

Turkish law confirms that there is no difference between the Turkish and foreign investors.

There are a number of factors that have influenced, among other reasons,

the Arabs have to invest their investments in Turkey and their lives in the country.

What some Arab countries are suffering from,

and the security and political stability in the country was one of the most prominent factors that made the investors prefer to move to Turkey for investment,

turmoil and political and security instability and stability.

Turkey has been a long-term and healthy investment environment in Turkey over the last two decades,

especially for everyone. There is no factor, which is a strong Turkish education,

no matter how there is economic,

investment and security growth.

Children are afraid to complete their education if the head of the investing family wants to settle in Turkey.

Some schools have been established by individual or collective institutions, and because of this investment invasion in the country.

It is important for the investor to ensure the education of his children,

which teaches the different curricula in several languages.

Most Arab families want to ensure a clean and impeccable community atmosphere.

Certainly he will find his morality in Turkey, ethical

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