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Mugla city in Turkey

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The Turkish city Mugla sits on a remarkable location overlooking the Mediterranean coasts , which has the longest coastal extension compared to the rest of the Turkish cities overlooking it.

Mugla city in Turkey

 Mugla city is the compass of lovers related to the beauty
and charm of nature, and enjoyment on clean and safe beaches.
The cities under the administration of the Turkish state Mugla are diverse,
and they are characterized by their historical heritage, the rising renaissance of the present,
and the hope of the near and far future.
Tourists were attracted to the governorate’s cities more ,due to their surprising geographical diversity.
It gives you a breathtaking scenery, attracting those wishing to embark on an
adventure full of vitality and its cheerful colors, which will inevitably leave an indelible mark on the memory.
Important information about investing in the Turkish state Mugla, you will know in this article.

Mugla city in Turkey

Information about the Turkish city Mugla:

The American tourist site, Drip Advisor, ranked one of its beaches, “Iztuzu”,
in the 19th place among the 25 best beaches around the world.

The city is painted with the paint of history and civilization, which can be seen by
walking among its streets, which include very impressive historical buildings and facilities.

Among the strange paradoxes is that it is considered like a peninsula,
It is bordered by Bahrain to the south (the Mediterranean Sea) and to the west
(the Aegean Sea), which has strengthened it as a tourist destination of high beauty.
And It is also bordered to the east by the charming city Antalya, so the Turkish city Mugla
has a very improtant location to the Turks and the Turkish economy.

Mugla city in Turkey

The state is 667 km away from the most famous city Istanbul in Turkey, which means you can
travel to it with a time limit of 6 hours if you take a car.

Its climate is suitable for those wishing to do summer tourism activities.
The summer temperatures reach 35 degrees Celsius, while the winter temperatures fluctuate
around 12 degrees Celsius, providing warm weather.

Although there are no accurate statistics for the number of tourists during this year so far,

However, we found bright numbers last year, despite the Corona pandemic, which closed airports and borders for 4 months.
It was visited by about half a million tourists during the past year.

What distinguishes the Turkish state Mugla is that it includes the most attractive cities for local and foreign tourists alike,
Such as “Fethiye, Marmaris, and Bodrum.”
As for its properties, they are satisfactorily promising for investors, as their prices are
acceptable and rising, providing a comfortable investment atmosphere for all.


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