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Most prominent places on the sea in Istanbul

Most prominent places on the sea in Istanbul

Istanbul is  a charming sea city! The sun rises from the horizon of the Black Sea and sets from the horizon of the Marmara Sea ​, and smells of nature from the lakes of Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece, and its trees breathe from the breezes of the Riva River, stay with us and learn about the most prominent places on the sea in Istanbul!

Most prominent places on the sea in Istanbul
We can list the most prominent places on the sea in Istanbul until the next morning,
The sea here has a unique style that distinguishes it from other sea cities.
The sight of ships and birds when the sun’s rays and calm waves merge with them.
It is a sight must not be missed! But in this article,
we will mention the most prominent places that we advise you to visit.
Istanbul is considered one of the most important tourist cities around the world for 3 elements:

Geographical, historical and natural elements !


It mediates the world and links Asia and Europe through the Bosphorus Strait,
which is the only passage to the Black Sea, which is rich with natural resources.

Most prominent places on the sea in Istanbul

it is the cradle of many civilizations, and the capital of successive empires that have inherited the current generation of many historical facilities that today are a witness to the originality of the city,



, the city contains many beautiful nature places ,
lakes and mountains furnished with trees, herbs and roses.
Thus, visitors go directly  to Istanbul for the purpose of tourism during the tourism seasons.

They have even reached more than 15 million tourists over the past years,
and the number is continually  increasing , had it not
been for what happened in the world from the effects of the Corona pandemic, because of which many countries closed their ports, borders and airports.

What are the most prominent sea areas in Istanbul?

Perhaps everyone knows that the best area for tourism is the
Bosphorus Strait, which is adorned with many restaurants and cafes with a special character on its banks.
that gives visitors an enchanting majestic sight!
While the Florya Sea in the Bakirkoy region is no less than this scene in beauty and splendor,
It includes a well-known mall with a wooden amphitheater where everyone can enjoy watching the sunset view over the Marmara Sea!


And we can never ignore the Asian seaside regions,
Such as  Pendik and Bakirkoy, which are considered the best for tourism at all because of their glow with many tourist activities.



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