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Medical tourism in Turkey | Turkey’s best sectors .  


In the field of medical tourism in Turkey, it is not only important how many cosmetic or therapeutic operations were performed, but we must talk about the quality of these operations, and the high level of medical staff in Turkey.

Medical tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism occupies an important place among the list of investment sectors available to foreigners in Turkey,

Where Turkey is characterized by professional medical cadres to perform cosmetic or therapeutic operations,

including very dangerous and difficult surgeries,

The term medical tourism in Turkey or treatment tourism,

refers to those foreigners coming to Turkey for the purpose of having a medical operations,

and they include in their plans an entertainment trip in Turkey.

Turkey is the mother of tourism in the world because of its wonderful nature and place  that attracted tourists from all over the world.

Istanbul alone attracted nearly 12 million tourists this year, while Antalya attracted nearly 10 million.

Istanbul, which is famous for its historical and its very important archaeological facilities,

Such as the aya Sophia Mosque, the Galata Tower and the Girl’s Tower in the International Bosphorus Strait,

Thus, it receives great interest from tourists who are keen to visit the city annually.

In contrast, Antalya is distinguished by its blue beaches and golden sands.

Its weather aroused the tourist desire among people from frozen regions such as Russia, Norway and Sweden.


Medical tourism in Turkey



Figures and statistics of medical tourism in Turkey for cosmetic:


Turkey took the third place  in the world in the medical tourism sector,

preceded by (the United States of America in first place, and Germany in second place).

Although there are no accurate statistics

about the number of tourists coming to Turkey for cosmetic procedures such as hair transplantation and women’s cosmetic surgeries,

However, Turkey was able to estimate the numbers according to the statistics of some hospitals for performing this type of operation.

Turkey cannot determine the exact numbers,

although it issues a special visa for those wishing to perform cosmetic operations, other than the regular tourist visa.

However, there are many tourists who issue regular travel visas to come and decide to perform the operation after their arrival in Turkey.

Also, many nationalities around the world do not require a visa in order to enter Turkey.


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