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Maslak Istanbul region


When someone mentions in front of you the most beautiful areas in Istanbul, in your subconscious mind will imagine that he is talking about Maslak Istanbul , the area in which nature is imaginatively mingled with very elaborate architecture.

Maslak Istanbul region
Maslak Istanbul has remained one of the most important areas,

if not the most important at all, in the list of the most important investment areas in Turkey in general.
It belongs to the Maslak Sariyer municipality, which is classified

among the European municipalities of Istanbul in the first column (A+).

Let’s get to know the area more closely.

Maslak Istanbul region
Location :

Maslak Istanbul is characterized by its important strategic location

for Istanbul , it is close to the Bosphorus in 10 minutes , administratively

affiliated to Sariyer municipality , 15 minutes from the city center , and 10 minutes from Taksim .

This distinguished location made it the top areas of Istanbul in terms of

attracting foreign investors to it, so they built many residential and investment

complexes, which were classified as the most important projects in Istanbul.


Maslak Istanbul
Maslak Istanbul area includes important landmarks in the city, as it includes:

A - Belgrade Forest:

It is the largest green area in Istanbul. Tourists from abroad put in their

tourism programs the Belgrade forests as a main tourist attraction.

B - Istanbul Valley Mall:

It is one of the most important commercial malls in Istanbul, known as the

Dancing Fountain. It includes the most important international brands in

addition to its beautiful views of the Belgrade forests.

C - Turk Telekom Arena :

The Turkish club Galatasaray, and often matches the Turkish national team

is presented there . It was established in 2011. On very beautiful urban bases,

it can accommodate 53,000 person audience .

D - The most important hotels, international banks and companies:

Such as QNB, Mercedes and the Hilton


Investment value:

Due to this high investment and geographical value of Maslak area, it is

considered among the most expensive areas in Istanbul and is considered the most expensive at all.
So that the sale meter ranges 2000 dollars.
While the rental price ranges to 8.5 dollars per meter.

Maslak Istanbul region
Means of transportation and communication:

It passes by the most important means of transportation

/ where there are Istanbul metro stations. Transport buses to all areas of Istanbul.



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