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Marmaris city Turkey

Marmaris city Turkey

A tourist coming to Turkey may miss visiting certain cities or neighborhoods, but it is impossible to miss visiting the Turkish city Marmaris, that charming city with its unique splendor and exceptional charm.

Marmaris city Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish cities,

which includes a great diversity of public facilities, infrastructure and captivating nature.

Walking in the streets of this city is considered to be a joy in itself,

as its streets that smell of history full of stories that are considered one of the tourist attractions.

It is also one of the most important tourist cities for Arabs in particular,

As its weather is relatively close to the Arab countries, its sea is pure,

similar to our seas in our Arab countries.

Marmaris is like to  live on a huge geographical diversity mixed with high mountains,

green plains and natural slopes with a beautiful view.


Marmaris city Turkey


Information about Marmaris city Turkey :

The city has a unique history that goes back thousands of years,

It is one of the oldest inhabited Turkish cities.

As a witness to the history,

the city includes many ancient buildings and facilities with antique design

and engineering borrowed from ancient civilizations.

Marmaris also includes many prominent tourist attractions,

the most important of which is Dalian, an area resembling a nature reserve that houses rock carvings.

As well as the popular Marmaris market,

which is one of the oldest Turkish markets where textile products are displayed,

in addition to Cleopatra Island, which is famous for its wonderful beaches and picturesque waters.

Marmaris overlooks the Aegean Sea,

and it has a sea transport port that is a central point for global trade and is comparable to the international port of Istanbul.

Today, the city’s economy is highly dependent on tourism.

Before the real estate construction companies invaded it,

the city became one of the preferred real estate destinations for foreigners.

There are many popular markets, hotels, restaurants and cafes in the city.

Most of them are based on serving seafood and the like.

It is visited annually by more than 2 million tourists,

and it also includes about 200 thousand people, according to the latest statistics.

The city takes many nicknames,

the most famous of which is “the place where one does not feel bored.

” It is also called “the unique jewel of Turkey.”


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