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Marble in Turkey

Marble in Turkey

About half of the world’s wealth is hidden in the  paradise of economy. Among the islands and lands, God places his great blessing in Turkey to extract, sell and export them abroad.

Marble in Turkey

Marble, or (alabaster) in the Turkish language, is one of the many natural treasures in the land of Turkey.
Although marble in Turkey is found in all Turkish lands,
However, its production and processing points are concentrated in the lands of Anatolia,
the Tarakea region and  Afyon and Balkesir.

And Denizli, Mugla, Eskişehir, Çanakkale and Diyarbakir.With the development of the economy and production in Turkey,

And the renaissance that the country witnessed from the production of what is hidden from the wealth  of the country,

The development of marble production, in which experts saw the great quality, which they
classified as one of the finest types of marble around the world.

Despite its high price because it is produced naturally, unlike the types that are produced
from chemicals, it remains the preferred option for a large number of countries that
put their weight in importing marble from Turkey.

Marble in Turkey

Marble is used in the manufacture of all household appliances, in kitchens and bathrooms,
and even recently entered the manufacture of bedrooms and beds.

Businessmen specialized in the marble market believe that the diversity of marble
varieties in Turkey is the main factor that helped all countries of the world import it from Turkey,
because of its flexibility that makes it accommodate all
types of production according to the vision and use of each country.

The Turkish territory contains a huge stock of marble ore in Turkey,
estimated at 5.1 billion cubic meters. Weighing up to 14 billion tons.

This vast volume and stock is 35% of the world’s reserve stock for the stone that all countries are flocking to.

Today, Turkey ranks as the second largest global exporter of marble after Italy,
as it exports more than 2 billion tons of marble to more than 180 countries around the world.

In the ranking of the most importing countries from Turkey, China ranks first, with total imports of $750 million.

The United States of America is ranked second, with more than 350 million dollars.

Saudi Arabia ranks third globally, and first in the Arab world, with more than $114 million annually.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of marble in Turkey is that it does not crack ,
and its diversity, which reaches more than 600 types with more than 600 colors ,
is one of its most important advantages, which is comparable to the Italian marble.

Turkish marble is resistant to the effects of air, corrosion, stains,
and so on from the natural conditions that may lead to defects or problems in the marble.

Marble in Turkey

The most prominent types of Turkish marble:

1- Mugla marble.

2- Border Beige.

3- Uno marble.


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