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Konya City in Turkey | Rich history and rooted present


It is the capital of the Seljuk state, and it is the shrine of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi.. Learn about the historical Konya City in Turkey .

Konya City in Turkey is not only famous for tourism because of its many historical monuments,

but it is also one of the most prominent industrial cities in Turkey.

In addition to being the largest province of Turkey by area,

and the sixth largest Turkish city in terms of population.

It was called by this name from the Latin derivation of the word, “aconium”,

which means symbol or image. The thing that the named person wanted to make clear is that it looked like a general symbol for the entire state.

Some describe it as more developed and important than the capital, Ankara

which is located in central Anatolia.

Most of its historical monuments date from the Seljuk period,

which is the era in which the city reached its glory and splendor, as it was its capital.

The Turkish city Konya gained its importance due to its fortified nature,

as it is surrounded by mountains on all sides, which prevents hostile armies from entering it easily.


Konya City in Turkey


General information about Konya, Turkey:

Konya has not changed to this day, as it is the Turkish city that adheres to its rich heritage.

The city is predominantly religious because of its roots, and thanks to this religiosity,

you find that most of its historical landmarks are religious landmarks that the city inherited

from the Seljuk and Ottoman eras.

Located in the center of Anatolia, it is the closest big city to Ankara, only 3 hours away by car.

While it is about 5 hours away from Istanbul by train from Pendik district in Asian Istanbul.

Modern Konya is famous for its various industries, the most prominent are carpets, silk, sugar and flour factories, and aluminum factories.

The city is more archaeological than the other famous Turkish cities, with green vegetables and bright natural colors.

It is not a coastal city, located near the well-known Anatolian plateau.

The city has long since started receiving major construction companies in order to set up huge real estate projects in the city.

The city can be considered a great investment home, as it is famous for its prestigious universities such as Selcuk University. It is also distinguished by the great tourist impact because it embraces well-known historical facilities such as the tomb of Maulana Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, “Abu Sufism” and the Yuksek Islamic Institute.


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