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Kartal district in Istanbul | Kartal realestate

Kartal district in Istanbul

Kartal , where  you drop a needle , you can hear its sound, due to its unparalleled calmness. You will also feel the roar of the sea.

Kartal district in Istanbul

 Kartal district in Istanbul is known as one of the quietest areas in

Istanbul, where it is inhabited by an elite of intellectuals and businessmen.

Kartal is also occupies a geographical position that has made

it a radiant region with vibrant and

profitable investments and unique tourism.

It has an extensive area of ​​modern and advanced infrastructure,

including stations for vital and active means of transportation

that take you to the farthest points of Istanbul.

It is a normal area size and densely populated .

It has high-quality academic educational elements,

distinguished by its legacy and strength at the

regional level, and hospitals with distinguished medical staff.

Kartal district in Istanbul
A tour in Kartal district in Istanbul:

If you are one of the people who think of living and settling in Turkey, Kartal region is your first choice.

Kartal is considered one of the most suitable areas for family

housing, as it also  enjoys high security.

The nature of the Kartal district in Istanbul takes a wonderful picture,

also as it is an extension of the nature of the Asian side of Istanbul.

The region simulates the desired peace for living among all races,

as different religions and civilizations merge within the demographic

of the population in the region without problems .

Kartal region bounded by Maltepe region, Sancaktepe region, Pendik

region, Sultanbeyli region and the Marmara Sea.

The region also embraces the highest mountain peak in Istanbul,

and we are talking about Mount Aydos here.

The area of ​​the region is 278 km2, while its population is

approximately 500 thousand.

Kartal district in Istanbul

Recently, Kartal district has become a pioneer in the real estate sector
 after the crawl witnessed by the largest construction companies in 

Turkey with the aim of building the largest and most luxurious residential complexes.

Among the reasons for attracting these companies is the transformation

of the region into a growing financial center, similar to

the neighboring Atasehir Center, Sisli and Maslak.

Moreover Katral has one of the most important seaports that

host marine transport stations, from which you can head to the Princes’ Islands.

Kartal has the closest access point to the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul.



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