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Istanbul’s new airport

Istanbul's new airport

Many of the projects established in Istanbul have affected the prices of their properties and their moral value, but this particular project has added a long-standing and additional marketing and investment value to the economic capital of Turkey.

Istanbul’s new airport -and its impact on real estate in Turkey
The new Istanbul airport project, which, through its future stages, paves the way for the formation of the largest airport in the world when its construction is complete in 2028.

But how did it affect the real estate market in Turkey?

Official statistics indicated an increase in real estate sales in Istanbul,
specifically in the period after the Turkish government announced the official opening of Istanbul Airport last year.
The opening of the airport was credited with the increase in sales.

The project, which was classified as “the most important project in the

history of Turkey,” added real estate value to Istanbul in particular.

Many foreign investors have flocked to the country to invest in real estate.

The opening of the new airport has led to an increase in the number of passengers and tourists.

Statistics indicated that Istanbul broke a record last year by

adding a new record, as it received more than 15 million tourists.

The increasing number of tourists will draw investors’ eyes
to the city logically, as many residential and hotel projects have been planned.
Especially in the area where the new Istanbul airport project is located, which is the Arnavutkoy area.
The airport was opened based on a vision from the Turkish government
on “Vision Turkey 2023”, where it is planned to enter the list of the
5 most powerful economies in the world.

real estate in Turkey

An assessment organization for airports in London has
announced that Istanbul’s third airport has been named “Airport of the Year”.
This title is awarded according to several evaluations, the
most important of which are its reception of visitors, organization, cleanliness, and so on.

The airport’s possession of this title in its first official year, while
it is still under construction, indicates many signs.
The most important of them is what will lead to a significant rise
in the shares of the Turkish economy sectors in general and the real estate sector in particular.

The airport’s capacity reaches 150 million passengers annually,
which is a very huge number compared to the rest of Turkey’s
airports, which do not exceed 40 million.
Therefore, it was classified as the most important project.



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