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Istanbuls best markets

Istanbul's best markets

Istanbul is one of the most famous industrial cities around the world, passing huge ranks among the world’s top in exports, and because it is a prominent tourist city, it has become today a haven for tourists coming for the purpose of trade, so we want to tell you through this article about the best Istanbul markets.

We wrote this article in order to be your reliable reference about Istanbuls best markets ,

With a detailed explanation about each market and what products it offers, and which markets are the cheapest and most beneficial for trade.

As Istanbul is considered today a pioneer in the commercial sector and the field of exports and imports,

Last year, it achieved a historic record, breaking the $225 billion threshold.

But why all this demand to buy products from Istanbul?

Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey,

It is at the forefront of all investment sectors and is the most prominent city that fuels Turkey’s booming economy.

It also possesses an important element, which is the element of labor.

It is the most populous city in Europe, and one of the 10 largest cities in the world with a population of 20 million.

What is distinguished here is not only in the population census, but in the experience and expertise in industries and products in Istanbul.

Istanbul also has one of the most modern infrastructures around the world.

This encouraged regional factories to open subsidiary companies or assets for them in Turkey, so the automobile industry has emerged as one of the most important industries in the country.


Istanbuls best markets

Istanbuls best markets :

The preference here means the most diverse, as there are popular markets and wholesale markets specialized in selling some products,

While other markets specialize in a particular commodity or product.

Marter Market is the most famous wholesale market for textile products.

It owns a large number of wholesale stores that distribute its goods to 200 countries around the world.

While Lalali Market is one of Istanbul’s most famous, which is distinguished by its variety of goods and prices that are suitable for everyone, and is located in the city center near Sultanahmet and Bayazid.

As for the covered market, it is the market that is characterized by antiques and antiques suitable for gifts, etc. It is also considered a prominent tourist landmark that attracts tourists on a daily basis from all over the world due to its historical value.


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