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Istanbul population .. Is it an advantage or not?

Istanbul population

Among the most important features of this fresh city, is the Istanbul population , in addition to other factors that raised it globally.

In addition to the Istanbul population , the city enjoys large crowds of tourists annually, receiving about 15 million tourists.

It is the first city to receive tourists, comes at the top of the list and surpasses the city of Antalya,

which is called “the capital of tourism in Turkey”.

Istanbul is also a pioneer in the industrial field, as it produces everything that Turkey can produce,

It is the base export station  to the countries of the Middle East, Europe and all over the world.

In addition, Istanbul tops the real estate sector in Turkey,

It attracts foreign investors who want to buy apartments for sale in Turkey more than other cities.

Among the exciting statistics, the city includes the most selling real estate area in all of Turkey,

which is the Esenyurt district in the European seide of the Istanbul.

Esenyurt itself is the most populous region in Turkey, with about one million inhabitants,

and without a doubt the most densely populated region.

The area is not considered the largest in terms of area,

as it did not reach half the area of ​​Çatalca, Silivri and Eyup Sultan.

The city as a whole witnesses an important demographic diversity in the population,

which has formed a diverse community of ideas and cultures, making it a model city for life and stability.


Istanbul population



Istanbul population


The population of Istanbul .. Is it an advantage or not?

Some people familiar with the population numbers in any country in the world believe that the increase in the population is a relative matter,

So that it cannot be classified as a problem that needs to be solved,

or as a feature that needs development and sustainability.

And that  his matter is due to the way this feature is managed by the competent authorities.

Proper management of high population numbers gives the city a superior benefit.

As the provision of investment projects, and attracting foreign investors by motivating them with some laws that are in their benefit,

such as legalizing government taxes on their projects, is a cause for interest.

The relationship here is also reciprocal,

as the huge number of residents in any city

is an attractive thing for investors in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Istanbul has a population of about 18 million, between Turkish citizens and foreigners.


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