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The old generation who witnessed the past of Istanbul knows what we will talk about in this article , and knows that Istanbul was the “injustice between the beauty of the city and the painful reality” .


Istanbul, how was it 16 years ago? How did you become today?

Istanbul has not witnessed this typical development for more than 16 years, as it
was nicknamed “the city of garbage”,
, which is currently classified as one of the most developed
cities in the world, lived with many problems, as it was difficult for anyone to solve these problems.

What are the problems that Istanbul experienced ?

The city was suffering from a lack of water resources, as the water did not reach all areas of Istanbul.
Also problems with the electricity, as it was cut off during long periods of the day.
Turkey in general suffers from unemployment problems, economic and political instability.

 tourism in the country was insignificant , providing only limited income to the Turkish treasury .

Turkey did not allocate huge amounts of money to the educational sector,
and it was suffering from high rates of poverty.

Istanbul suffered most from the problem of garbage,at the same time, it was
suffering from problems in the poor transportation network,
and problems of movement between the Asian and European parts of the city.

The biggest change in history!

Then the miracle happened. Several reforms have started at all levels since 1994,
since Recep Tayyip Erdogan assumed the position of mayor of the city of Istanbul.

During his reign, Turkey had a model plan to benefit from all the city’s resources,
which is considered one of the richest cities in the world in terms of natural resources.

So he started solving the problem of garbage by recycling it, thus getting rid
of polluting emissions, without problems in the environment.

Then dams were built to solve the water problem, so all Turkish houses
became equipped with specialized supplies that water reached without problems.

He also found a solution to the gas and electricity problem, as there is currently
no house in Istanbul that suffers from a lack of gas or a power outage.and the
foundations of a transportation and communication network, while preparing
the city’s infrastructure in an engineering way. Without affecting the environment either.He allocated a huge budget for education.

He was also interested in the real estate market in Turkey, as he encouraged
foreign and Arab investors to invest in the real estate sector.

The real estate market revived, which in turn revived the tourism market in Turkey.
Tourists flocked from all over the world, spending beautiful and happy times in the modern city , Istanbul.

He was interested in the export sector from Turkey, as he encouraged the
industry by canceling many taxes, and easing other taxes.

Even Turkish products have reached all parts of the world.

Thanks to these unique achievements, Turkey jumped from the 41st
place in the world as an economic power, to the 13th place.



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