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istanbul expensive districts .. districts that will shock you!

istanbul expensive districts

Here in Istanbul, where the demographics of the regions are infinitely diverse, their level of sophistication and the culture of their residents, it is worth answering the following question: “What are the istanbul expensive districts ?”

Well .. Can we approve the classification of istanbul expensive districts and cheapest areas? This is what we will learn about in this article.

According to the level of services provided by the municipality to the region,

we can note the high prices of real estate in Istanbul within regions,

and their low value in other regions.

Therefore,  we can make a final judgment that the quality of the residential complex alone

is not sufficient to determine the price of the properties in it.

Because the region itself plays a major role in determining prices.

This leads us to the following question:

“What are the most important factors that affect the price of real estate in Istanbul?”

The most important factor of them are the area where the residential project is located,

the area of ​​​​the property, and the height of floors.

The price of the property also has internal, not only formal effects,

which are the quality of the property and the quality of the materials used in construction.

Well, what are the characteristics that make the area classified as an expensive area or a cheap area?

Of course, the most important reason is the location of the area from the city center, so that the logical relationship here is that the closer the area is to the center, the higher the price of real estate in it.

Why? Because most of the businesses and companies are located in the center, which indicates the value of the region in marketing and investment.

In addition to the ease of access to the property .

The other reason is the quality of services in the region, including transportation, health, education and infrastructure.

Even if the area is on the outskirts of Istanbul and was integrated with services of the required quality, you will find that real estate prices are high.


istanbul expensive districts.


istanbul expensive districts


What are the most expensive districts of Istanbul?

The areas located or overlooking the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul are classified as the most expensive areas of Istanbul real estate.

In the list, the districts of Üsküdar, Sariyer, Sisli, Beyoğlu, Kadikoy, Beykoz and Besiktas are among the most expensive areas of Istanbul real estate.

After that list, the districts of Bakirkoy, Umraniye, Atasehir, Kartal, Basin Express and Basaksehir are ranked in the next list.

Then Beylikdüzü, Bagcilar, Esenyurt, Bahcesehir, Avcilar and Buyukcekmece are in the next list.

Districts such as Bahcelievler, Eyup Sultan, Gaziosmanpasha, Maltepe and Sultanbeyli are among the previous lists.


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