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Investing in Turkey | underestimated sectors

Investing in Turkey

Some investment sectors stand out as the best types of Investing in Turkey, which are well known to everyone and are at the forefront of the public scene, but what about some fields that may be forgotten by some?

And if we talk about the best types of Investing in Turkey , the conversation takes us towards real estate investment in Turkey,

which is of course the best for a recent foreign investor.

Real estate sales in Turkey have achieved the largest profitable returns recently,

due to a number of justifications that have contributed to the prosperity of this sector over recent years.

Perhaps the most prominent reason is the Turkish Nationality Law, especially the amendment of it in 2018.

It allowed foreign investors to obtain a Turkish citizenship, after owning a real estate that worth $250,000.

Thus, Turkey is one of the easiest countries in the world to obtain its citizenship through investment,

compared to other countries that may ask for heavy budget in order to obtain their passport!

Then this article takes us to talk about the second best investment field in Turkey, which is the investment in the tourism sector.

Tourism in Turkey is one of the most prosperous and growing economic aspects during the recent era,

as the country receives more than 50 million tourists annually.

The country has amazing weather in summer and winter,

suitable for people coming from different countries around the world.

The most prominent nationalities that achieve the record annually in tourism is the Russian nationality.

Istanbul, Antalya and Bursa are the most prominent tourist cities in Turkey.

Istanbul alone receives 10-15 million tourists annually, followed by Antalya,

which receives up to 10 million tourists.


Investing in Turkey


Investing in Turkey


What are the most prominent types of investment in Turkey other than what was mentioned?

The agricultural investment sector in Turkey comes directly after the real estate and tourism sectors.

Where Turkey extends over a large area of ​​fertile and arable land!

Where the proportion of agricultural land in the country represents more than 50% of the total area of ​​Turkey,

which is a huge number given the global importance that Turkey enjoys in real-estate .

Then the industrial sector appears in the picture,

as Turkey is one of the most prominent countries in the world at the industrial level,

Because of its high-quality resources in raw materials,

professional manpower, and diverse mental and academic competencies.

Turkey annually achieves a record level of exports from its local industries,

The most prominent of them specializes in the automotive industry,

which Turkey has a long history in.

Turkey also produces clothing and materials made of leather,

iron and metal, machinery, household appliances, mobile factories, plumbing materials and others.

The commercial sector can also be considered one of the most prominent sectors for what distinguishes Turkey through a number of factors.

Turkey is ranked 17th in the world in terms of population, with a rate of 1.08%.

This means that the demand for products is high, and therefore the supply had to be high as well,

which is actually provided by the industrial sector in the country.

The commercial sector also benefits from the large number of tourists,

who make buying Turkish products a priority due to their high quality.



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