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Installments properties in Turkey

Installments properties in Turkey

Construction companies in Turkey are working to maintain their quality by improving sales patterns to achieve the full equation that belongs to the three economic parties in the real estate process (the company, the buyer and the state), and among the development processes is the “buying a Property in installments in Turkey” system. How does the process work? All answers in this article.

Installments properties in Turkey

Turkey began allowing foreigners to own real estate on its lands in 2012,
With it, a financial system appeared in the payment system of the property, which is the system of
buying a property in installments in Turkey.

Which is available in a number of luxury residential complexes, which is a big
investment dream for many foreign businessmen.

Under certain conditions, construction companies allow the sale of properties

In order to improve sales and think about creating other real estate projects
It enhances the value of the high infrastructure in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, which is known
for its high quality service facilities.


Turkey is considered one of the largest countries around the world in the real estate sector.
Which all countries pay the most attention to, because in a certain conditions such as (Corona pandemic )
all the economic section in the countries closes , but in Turkey is stays vital and active
through the online sales which does not stop under any circumstance

Turkey was able to occupy the forefront of European countries for the year 2021 in the number of properties
sold on its lands, with about 1.5 million real estate units.

About 60,000 properties are for foreigners , whose investment operations are
increasing in the country thanks to the growth of the investment process in general.

Property in installments in Turkey :

This process benefits businessmen looking to invest in Turkey,
As most of the real estate options that are allowed to be sold within this financial plan are under construction real estate projects .

Construction companies want to sell a number of them before the handover process in order to pay the value
of the used building materials and move to another housing project that is being built.

It is known that real estate under construction is in fact less valuable than ready-to-delivery ones.
Therefore, your purchase to a property under construction with a installment plan means that you
can buy more than one property by paying the first payment and the rest of the value in
monthly payments paid to the construction company’s account.


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