Inheritance Law in Turkey

Many of you wonder about the laws and regulations in force in Turkey, which is important to know for every resident, or anyone who wants to stay in Turkey.

Therefore, we should have narrated what the Inheritance Law in Turkey .

This article is an important article for anyone who wants to invest in real estate in Turkey, where it shows him what he has and what it is, and what is the case of his property and who will be.

Commandment Inheritance Law in Turkey :

If you own a property in Turkey,

you have the right to sell, move or rent it. You can also write a legal will to recommend moving your property after you die to a particular person.

This is guaranteed to you by Turkish law under certain conditions as a foreigner, such as being over 15 years of age and being in your full power.

Work will be done in three ways, either official and certified by the notary in court,

or handwritten and certified by the signature of the private testator, and to determine the day, date and other details.

In the absence of a will from the landlord, his property under Turkish law goes in sequence to:


Children and husband or wife.


If the deceased does not have children, his property goes to the father and mother,

and if the husband or wife is alive he takes his share which is half the value of the property.


If the deceased does not have a father and mother,

his property shall be transferred to the grandfather or grandmother or his brothers,

after taking into account the value of three quarters of the husband or wife if one of them is alive.


In the absence of any of the above, the property of the deceased ends up with the husband or wife.


If the deceased does not have any relatives specified by the Turkish Inheritance Act, his property goes to the Turkish Government.

Preventing one of the heirs from obtaining their specified quota:

Turkish law permits the landlord to prevent a heir from obtaining his specified quota,

provided that the reason for his prohibition is indicated in court.

The law guarantees the freedom to dispose of your property however you wish without incursion or injustice.


Inheritance Law in Turkey


Tax Law:

One of the things you should have known is the inheritance tax law.
Turkish law provides for the deduction of percentages varying according to the value of the property on the inheritance.

The share of the heirs of the inheritance:

Turkish law does not differentiate between male and female, each half equally. After the half is calculated for the husband or wife.
One of the heirs has the right to demand the implementation of the law in force in their country of origin.

Documents required to transfer ownership to the heirs:

1- A family statement from the Souls Department in the inherited country, showing the main heirs.
Obtaining tax figures for the heirs.
A passport valid for at least 6 months translated into Turkish.
4 – personal photos number 2.

We hope that the article will be a simplified and understandable summary for you, away from the complexities of inheritance laws.


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