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Industry fields Turkey | Learn about the top 3 industries in Turkey

Industry fields Turkey

Turkey provides real options for those interested in industrial investment, either by establishing their own factories in the country, or by importing their goods from Turkey.

Industry fields Turkey
The topic of our article today will be about the most prominent

areas of industry in Turkey, and how you can start your investment successfully.

The quality factor is the most prominent element that makes

Turkey superior to other countries, which enables the investor to buy

high-quality goods, at an appropriate price, through which the

investor gets a reasonable profits.

In the event that the investor decides to establish a factory in Turkey, the most prominent thing that makes his investment successful is the geographical element,

as Turkey is the most also prominent link between Europe and Asia,the East on one side and the West on the other.

Industry fields Turkey
Industry fields Turkey

In addition to the experienced workforce with long experience,

which worked for many years in the various fields of industry in Turkey.

Turkey has an estimated population of 87 million people,

also this is another element that is very helpful in investing.

The forms of investment in Turkey are diverse, and form

intertwined links with each other, as each investment field complements the other.

Among these fields are the real estate, tourism, commercial and industrial fields.
Let’s talk about the most prominent areas of industry in Turkey.

Industry fields Turkey
Industry areas in Turkey:

Turkey has recently become famous for the establishment of industrial cities.
These industrial fields contributed to providing the

appropriate climate for industry and export, which contributed also the raising of quality of the Turkish economy.

1- The auto industry in Turkey:

The geographical location and the suitable environment have

contributed to the prosperity of the automobile industry in

Turkey, and certain cities are famous for this type of industry such as Bursa.
France came at the top of the list of countries importing

Turkish cars, followed by Germany and Britain.
In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt are at the top of the list.

2- Food industry in Turkey:

This sector is considered one of the most famous fields of industry

in Turkey, where the raw materials are abundant in Turkey and the huge human capabilities in the field.

While the Turkish government encourages investment in the food

sector and urges the largest shops to buy and display Turkish products.

3- The clothing industry in Turkey:

You may notice in your country (whatever it is) that the clothes

seller boasts that his products are Turkish-made, of course

because Turkish goods are of high quality.Turkish clothing is

also considered an essential product in all specialized shops in all countries of the world.



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