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How to obtain Turkish  citizenship ?

How to obtain Turkish  citizenship

The most urgent question for those wishing to obtain a Turkish passport is: “How do I obtain Turkish citizenship”, and during their search process, real estate tricks may pass on them to feed the illusion that may get them victim to  fraud.

Through our logic based on providing facts in every real estate matter, we will answer your question about: “ How to obtain Turkish citizenship ” in this article.

First of all, Turkish citizenship is a legitimate aspiration for all foreign investors,

Especially those foreign businessmen who hold passports of inferior value than Turkish citizenship.

The Turkish passport is ranked 35th in the world,

according to the world’s most famous Passport index, in partnership with Vanuatu and the Dominican Republic.

Turkish citizenship allows its holder to enter 61 countries around the world without the need to issue a travel visa before going.

It can also reach 45 countries around the world with a visa upon arrival.

With these numbers, the Turkish passport gives its holder access to 106 countries around the world quite easily,

Without forgetting the ease of issuing a visa to all European countries based on agreements concluded between the two parties.

In another context, Turkey today is considered a leading country in various industrial and technological fields,

as it has established a plan and a vision known as “Turkey’s Vision 2023”,

In order to achieve it, it has targeted all the available elements that can enhance the value of foreign direct investment in the country.

Among these elements, is the granting of Turkish citizenship to foreign investors,

in order to motivate them to pump foreign currency into the country, within popular investment projects.

Applicants for Turkish citizenship must fulfill all the necessary conditions for this. What are the conditions,

and how can you obtain a passport?


How to obtain Turkish  citizenship


How to obtain Turkish  citizenship?

With the amendment of the most important laws in the history of the Turkish Republic in 2012,

So that foreigners are allowed to own real estate in Turkey,

Accompanied by a law, the most powerful impetus to the Turkish economy,

the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning real estate.

The law was initially somewhat difficult,

as it was only available to foreign investors who own a property worth $1 million.

But the Turkish government has amended the law so that buyers of real estate in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars can apply for Turkish citizenship.

The applicant undertakes not to sell or give up real estate to any party within 3 years,

as a prerequisite for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

In the event that he violates this condition,

the Turkish government will withdraw his citizenship as an actual measure of what he has done.

Citizenship can also be obtained by investing $500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies for a period of 3 years.

The foreign investor can pump his money into any effective and available economic project in Turkey,

so the two parties can benefit from this step.

The investor obtains high profit returns from investing in Turkey,

which is known for its strong economy globally, in addition to obtaining a Turkish passport.

While the government benefits that an additional project

that will enhance the value of foreign investment in the country has been established.

Other means:

Residents of Turkey for a period of 5 years, with an available legal status, can also have an official work permit,

From applying for Turkish citizenship,

provided that it is proven that he did not obtain vacations and holidays or travelled outside Turkey for a total of 6 months.

Marriage to a Turkish citizen or citizen prepares the foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship,

after 3 years of the marriage contract.

In addition to the investor who makes a bank deposit of $500,000  in one of the influential banks,

Provided that he does not dismantle it or take it back for 3 years, he can obtain Turkish citizenship.


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