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How to get Turkish citizenship?

How to get Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship 2022 is considered a coveted by many people who have passports that are less than the strength of the Turkish passport.

Turkish citizenship 2022… How to get Turkish citizenship.

And with the begging  of 2012, which was classified as the most year that pushed the Turkish economy forward as a result of the issue  of a number of laws stimulating foreign investors.

The Turkish government has issued a law that allows the foreigners to own any type of real estate in Turkey.

The government attached this law to another law that allowed people who own real estate in Turkey worth one million dollars to obtain Turkish citizenship.

At that time, a number of people had already purchased real estate in Turkey of the same value with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

But the Turkish government considered the required high amount worth of a real estate to obtain the Turkish citizen ship ,

In addition to its desire to attract more foreign funds in order to improve the value of the Turkish lira,

Thus, they reduced the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for owning real estate worth only 250 thousand dollars.

The impact of this law was like a thunderbolt on investors, but a positive thunderbolt.

Where investors rushed to Turkey in order to invest and obtain Turkish citizenship,

To this day, the demand for obtaining Turkish citizenship in 2022 is the most prominent thing in Turkey.


How to get Turkish citizenship


How to get Turkish citizenship.

With the upcoming news indicating the intention of the Turkish government to increase the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship,

Which we doubt until now unless an official statement is issued in this regard.

The number of applicants for Turkish citizenship increased, through an increase in the purchase of real estate in Turkey 2022.

But what are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

First and after buying real estate in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars or more, you have to be sure before that that these properties are suitable for the conditions of Turkish citizenship 2022.

So that you can extract the title deed document and register the property in your name in the Turkish Land and Property Department,

And to make sure that all steps of obtaining a title deed are legal, the most important of which is the real estate appraisal document.

You must mortgage the real estate for a period of 3 years,

So that you cannot give it up or sell it to another party, while you can benefit from rental returns.

It should be remembered that the owner of the property you want to buy in order to obtain Turkish citizenship in 2022 must be Turkish.

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