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How to buy a property in Turkey

How to buy a property in Turkey

The best real estate option for you is not necessarly that it will be the best for others, here the real estate varies according to the circumstances and porpuse of each investor, if he wants to own a residential property, investment properties will certainly not be profitable for him.

How to buy a property in Turkey

Therefore, the foreign investor must know very well how to buy a property in Turkey, in order to obtain the property that he dreams of .

This was done by managing the purchasing process in a perfect and accurate manner.
And through this article presented by Noor Al-Jorany Investment and Entrepreneurship Company, you will learn the ideal way to buy real estate in Turkey.

How to buy a property in Turkey
How to buy a property in Turkey?

Many foreigners tend to try to buy real estate themselves.
Through the construction companies or the original owner,

This is something that real estate professionals do not like, especially if the client turns to a real estate
marketing company to manage the process for him.

He will not lose financially, because the work system of these companies does not cost the customer
anything, and it is a free service provided by the company.

And if you want our advice, we definitely advise you to go to real estate marketing
companies because they have enough information to know the most important real estate laws
in Turkey, which contribute to the success of your purchase of real estate.

Here we can move to the next stage, which is the question-and-answer stage.

Real estate companies does not offer you a choice far from your purpose of buying,
You contact you to inquire about the specifications that you would like to have in the
property,based on the information you provide, they can offer you a range of technical and useful options.

After that, you do what is known as “real estate tours”, which is ,to visit those
real estate properties in order to choose the number of properties you want to buy, whether it is one property or more.

Then you get the real estate appraisal paper for the property you choose,
and the tax number, so that you can sign an agreement or initial purchase contract between you and the original money (whether an individual or a construction company).

These documents qualify you to obtain the official ownership document, which is the title deed.



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