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Hotel apartments features in Istanbul


A trend that has begun to expand its scope recently, so everyone wants to get to know it more. From this point of view, it has become our duty, as usual, to clarify some ambiguities about real estate forms in Turkey or Istanbul. Learn through this article about the specifications of the best hotel apartments in Istanbul.
The specifications depend mainly on the region,

Hotel apartments features in Istanbul

The area should be suitable for this type of real estate, which has become very popular.

And it became very desirable for investors, especially foreign investors.

As this type of investor gives a lot of room to make a big profit as a result of investing by leasing it

In a way known as “tourism renting” in conjunction with Istanbul’s major strength, which is the tourism power

It receives more than 13 million tourists annually.

There is no doubt that the progress of the Renaissance in Turkey was pioneered by the tourism sector.

Tourism is one of the most prominent elements that give the Turkish economy a great impetus due to the excessive exchange rate by tourists in Turkey, whether by renting hotel rooms or making personal purchases.

Tourism gives the tourist a vivid picture of the turkish strong infrastructure .

Which makes tourists take it in consideration ,to buy real estate in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

In order to be able to get a high profit benefit , it is recommended to follow the following procedures:

First, you have to choose the best area to buy the property .

The desirable areas here should be a tourist area, such as the center areas, which make it easy for the tourist to reach most of the tourist attractions known to everyone, such as Sultan Ahmed and so on .

Secondly, that the speace area of ​​the apartment should not be large.

It is better if the apartment is 1+1 or 2+1, as these are the most popular styles for tourists.

Third: To furnish the apartment with the finest types of furniture.

Because the interior design of the apartment motivates the tourist to rent, he ultimately wants to live a life of luxury even in his home.



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