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Gungoran district  | The best investment areas

Gungoran district

The Gungoran district is the perfect choice for those wishing to invest in real estate in Istanbul.. But before you make a purchase decision.. Get to know the aspects of Gungoran in detail.

Gungoran District

Gungoran district is considered one of the most popular neighborhoods for merchants coming to the city due to its infrastructure set up as a wholesale market.

Although it is not one of the large districts in terms of area,

it is within the densely populated areas for several elements.

One of the most important of these elements is that it is among the most important areas of the center in the European side of the city,

next to all the important areas of Istanbul.

Gungoran contains many job opportunities that attract investors and residents at the same time,

as it is considered one of the most important corporate centers in the city.

There is no doubt that this region has entered the high classification

of the indicators of the investment areas that constitute the beating economic heart of Turkey,

and the so-called “financial centers in Istanbul” being the source of renewed trade.

This region, along with the surrounding areas, received immigrants from the Anatolian (Asian) section of the city.


GÜNGÖREN district



Get to know with us about Gungoran district in Istanbul:


The region is located in the European side of Istanbul,

where the huge and renewable investments,

and the booming economy in an accelerating and inexhaustible manner.

It is bounded with:

Marter district, Bahçelievler district, Bagcilar district, Esenler district, Zeytinburnu district, and Bakirkoy district.

The area extends over a small area of ​​only 8,39 square kilometers.

While its population reaches more than 310 thousand people.

Gungoran has exemplary examples of coexistence and peace,

including  a restaurant serving free meals to the poor and needy.

and In addition to what is known as the “Social Solidarity Fund,” which provides aid and assistance to the needy.

The region is divided into 4 sections consist of 11 neighborhoods,

and it is one of the areas very close to Taksim, Fatih and Sisli..the veins of the economy in Turkey.

and distinguished by the fact that it contains a modern urban area,

and other popular areas that include famous markets.


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