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October 30, 2019


November 3, 2019

Emigrate is beautiful and ugly, emigrate tragedy is perceived in stages, and is not supplemented by awareness only by answering your questions and how to maintain your family

And from this Nour Al Jorany company invites you to attend the training workshop which will be held in Istanbul for the first time with Dr. Jassim Al-Mutawa to talk about immigration and how to be successful in it and overcome its difficulties and benefit from them while your roots and assets remain firmly established for you and your family.

The impact of housing transfer on family life.
How to cope with the new life in another society?
The impact of immigration on the lives of working women and how to protect them from the pressures of work and life?
What factors should be avoided to protect our children in the new society?
Maintain the character of our children and their lack of loneliness in a strange society.
What impact does the new environment have on our children's psyche?
The impact of religion on raising our children and keeping them psychologically healthy
Different marital problems in immigration.
What is the impact of the school and how to choose the appropriate schools?
Language is an obstacle in coping?
Is emigrate limited to the age of young people?
Is it a choice or coercion?
Women new environment and the impact on her private life with her family

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