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European Istanbul – When investment is a skill

European Istanbul

Everything looks different here, the movement is fast and the activity is clear, unstopable process , the investment is profitable, the factories are active and the toil is successful, and the prosperity is unstoppable! Get to know the European Istanbul..

European Istanbul
The large city Istanbul is divided into two regions, the first is called
“European Istanbul”, while the other part is called “Asian Istanbul”.
Geographically.. Istanbul stretches on a strategic location as
it holds the continents of Asia and Europe from their edges,
separated by the Bosphorus Strait, which has the most famous image of Istanbul in the world.

At a time when Asian Istanbul mingles with the beauty of
nature and the fragrance of history, European Istanbul is
considered vibrant with vitality and profitable investment.

But this does not deprive it of the features of nature, as
it contains areas that are naturally very beautiful.

But the general picture that is taken of this region is
active businesses and vital industrial areas.

In this article, we will learn more about the best European
areas of Istanbul for housing and the best ones for investment.

European Istanbul
European istanbul

General view of the European side of Istanbul

1- The best European areas of Istanbul for housing and stability:

In the event that you are one of those interested in settling
in European Istanbul, we leave this list as a permanent reference
for you, through which we present the most prominent areas
of the European section of Istanbul.

European Istanbul

Beylikduzu District:

Beylikdüzü, in the European part of Istanbul, is no longer
part of its marginalized outskirts for its residents. Yet it
witnessed the largest population swarm in the city during
the 1999 earthquake, where only about 3000 people lived
in that period, reaching between 450-500 thousand people
The population has doubled more after the extension of the
metro bus line (the express bus) to the region, which connects
the farthest European Istanbul with its last station,
Beylikdüzü Station, to the beginning of Asian Istanbul.

Bahcesehir district:

It is enough just that we translate its name into English
for you to get a general view of the region.
Also It is divided into two parts: the first is “Bahce” which
means gardens, and the second is “Sehir” which means
city, meaning the area in English means “the city of gardens.”
The region Also became a separate municipality after its
independence from the municipalities of Esenyurt and
Basaksehir, which created ideal conditions for its development and prosperity.

Bakirkoy area:

The area of ​​the rich and famous people in European
Istanbul, it is also  one of the most valuable areas because
of its amazing geographical location, and it also embraces
the most prestigious areas of Istanbul, which is the
“Florya” area and the “Atakoy” area, which are inhabited
by the elite of Turkish society.
The region hosts Ataturk International Airport, which will
later be also  transformed into the largest national park in
Turkey, after the opening of the new Istanbul Airport.
It is also classified as one of the best tourist areas in the city,
thanks to its charming nature, and its sea coast overlooking Marmara with a unique view.

European Istanbul
2- The most prominent investment areas in European Istanbul:

A general guide to the most prominent investment areas.

Basin Express area:

It is the most doubling of real estate prices, which explains
the fact that it is one of the most prominent investment
areas in the European side of Istanbul.
Moreover , moreover, Its importance lies in the fact that it is the link
between the nerves of Istanbul, the “E5 International Road” and the parallel “TEM Road”.
The area includes the most famous international hotels and
regional companies, as well as the most prominent real estate projects.

Sisli District:

It is located in the heart of Istanbul, also it is the most
prominent financial center in both parts of the city.
Where it is considered the home of major international.


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