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Esenler district in Istanbul | Between history and modernity


The most prominent feature of the Esenler district in Istanbul is its geographical location of great importance to the city, let’s learn about the secrets of this region..

Esenler district in Istanbul has multiple elements that distinguished it in various industries and diver investments,

as it has become a targeted safe region  for large companies and factories.

It is among the old municipalities that were named as a municipality in 1993,

but the area is much older than that.

The region is considered a point where history embraces

from the Beyoğlu districts and modernity from the Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir districts.

It is the central point between these regions,

which made it imprinted with the characteristics of modernity on the one hand,

and authenticity and history on the other.

The area includes many tourist attractions whose originals was inherited from the Ottoman era in particular.

It includes one of the oldest bakeries that are classified as monuments today,

which is Sultan Daoud Pasha’s bakery.

and It also have one of the oldest Ottoman palaces, the Sultan’s Palace,

which is known for its attractive design from the outside and from the inside,

and it is one of the most important tourist attractions today.


Esenler district in Istanbul


Esenler district of Istanbul


Information about the Esenler district in Istanbul:

In this article, we will learn more information about the Esenler district,

in European side of Istanbul,

and the advantages of housing and investment,

and what are the most prominent industries in it.

Esenler includes what is known in Istanbul as “Otogar”,

meaning the station from which public bus trips depart to the rest of the Turkish cities.

What made it a central point for travel and tourism companies

This geographical spot is surrounded by many local and international hotels

to receive visitors from:

Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and the rest of the famous cities.

and Esenler is surrounded by:

Basaksehir, Sultan Gazi, Gaziosmanpasa, Bayrampasa, Zeytinburnu Gungoren and Bagcilar.

The area includes dozens of large shopping centers and markets,

concerned with wholesale and retail trade at the same time.

but Today, it also hosts dozens of famous and modern residential complexes,

due to many of its  features related to geography, tourism, investment, and the economy.

Its area extends to only 19 square kilometers, while its population is more than half a million people,

and this makes it among the 5 most densely populated areas in Istanbul!



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