Education system in Turkey

It is no secret to everyone that the most troubling thing that desires stability in Turkey is the future of his children education

Education system in Turkey

it takes his move to live to a foreign country foreign to him in a strange language with a strange custom.

So we had to explain to you the details of the Turkish education system for foreigners.

Turkish Government Interest in Education

The development of any state throughout history

is an intellectual product that is inherent in the minds of the people.

The human being is a conscious and civilized human being who understands the importance of the rise and advancement of his country,

and how to develop it.
Therefore, Turkey has long been keen on education,

as a major influence on its economic, security and political renaissance.

It was able to reap the fruits of education by building a strong historical civilization known and influential throughout the world,

building a strong economy in the present,

and establishing a strong and educated society that can develop economically in the future.

You can see the Turkish government’s keen interest in education through the annual budget paid,

and the huge move from the 2002 budget of 7.5 billion TL, to 161 billion TL in 2019.

With this budget, Turkey ranked 25th in the list of countries that spend the most on education.

She then moved to conclude cultural exchange agreements between her and several countries that reached 176 countries in the world.

Al Ghaith, which overflowed Turkey from the sky of these government measures,

grew in Turkish universities in particular,

where six Turkish universities occupied important positions

among the top 500 universities around the world, worth noting

What is it ? 

1- Middle East Professional University.

2- Eiji University.

3 – University of need Tabah.

4- Ghazi University.

5. Ankara University.

6. Istanbul University.


the accumulation of universities in Turkey and competition between them is a necessity and positive in Turkey,

where the number of universities in Turkey since 12 years of 76 universities,

up to the current number of 180 universities.


the universities are clustered with Turkish students,

where the number of students in addition to foreign students in higher education programs alone about 7.6 million.

The number of academics was 198,000

including the rank of professor and assistant professor.

3 thousand of them are foreign academics.
One of the plans of the Turkish government is to increase the number of universities to 500 Turkish universities by the first day of 2023.

Education system in Turkey

The educational institutions are under the administration of the Turkish Ministry of Education.

The law guarantees the right to education for all,

without distinction as to race, creed, religion or any other reason.


the Turkish Ministry of Education has been keen on the necessity of education since the primary stages,

imposing strict and compulsory laws,

since education is a compulsory item from the age of six to fourteen.

The next stages are the freedom to choose the student and his family,

the law guarantees him the right to education in his personal freedom.

The school year in Turkey starts from mid-September to May, with a two-week winter break in mid-February.

The Turkish school education system comprises two phases of 12 academic years in its official name:

1 – Elementary: It is about 8 years compulsory, from the age of six to fourteen.

2 – Secondary: which is about 4 years, from the age of fifteen to eighteen.


Education system in Turkey


The student then moves to higher education:

It is an educational stage that qualifies the student to the formal labor market,

where the student studies in many universities and colleges of study, the number of years is calculated

by the type of specialization taught by the student,

it starts from two academic years, and extends up to 6 years (for medical specialties).

International and Arabic schools:
Foreign investors have drawn attention to the need to invest in the education sector.

What has attracted their attention is this stable environment and the economic climate

that has attracted people of all kinds to settle in Turkey.

They have established many schools and universities in languages other than Turkish. In Istanbul alone,

there are 3,000 schools offering curricula in English and Arabic. It has more than 3 million students.

The number of private universities in the cities of Turkey to 65 universities spread over 10 cities,

of which Istanbul had the lion’s share.

These universities are directly supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education.

In Turkey, there are Iraqi, Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian, Saudi and Sudanese schools,

taught in the basic curriculum of the mother country,

as these schools are recognized by the mother country and is a suitable option for those who wish to settle for a certain period and then return to their country.

No need to worry, you can come to Turkey without fear for your children’s educational future.

If you have any questions about the education sector or any other sector you can contact us.

this is Education system in Turkey

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