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Earthquake insurance in Turkey

Earthquake insurance in Turkey

Turkey is located in a geological location where the earth’s crust is resilient near the earthquakes regions , as is the case in many countries of the world, but is this an obstacle to the foreign investment? And how did the Turkish government deal with this matter? What is earthquake insurance in Turkey? Learn with us through this article.

Earthquake insurance in Turkey is one of the most prominent things that the Turkish government enacted in order to preserve and guarantee the rights of the home owner, and in case the home , was damaged by earthquakes or natural disasters.

Earthquake insurance is necessary in the electricity membership and contract.
Since the electricity companies request a “DASK” or earthquake insurance from the account holder or the applicant,

The same for the gas and water companies.

It is worth noting that the Turkish government approved the earthquake insurance law after the devastating Marmara earthquake in 1999 that hit the Turkish city of Izmit and lasted for 37 seconds, leaving thousands dead, and displacing thousands who were left without a home.

Therefore, many laws had to be changed.

It was keen to reinforce the houses with building methods compatible with earthquake protection. It also approved the earthquake insurance law, which will compensate all affected persons, whether total or partial damage.

Here in Turkey, it is called DASK after the government-accredited institution that issues this document.


Earthquake insurance in Turkey

Earthquake insurance in Turkey:

The value of earthquake insurance is defined by calculating the area of ​​the property,

Where it often ranges from 40 Turkish liras to 300 liras.

Through (this link) you can calculate the value of earthquake insurance.

The Turkish state has a strong intentions to match its infrastructure with the infrastructure in developed countries to become an icon in protecting citizens from the impact of earthquakes or natural disasters.

Earthquake insurance in Turkey covers total physical damage in case the house is completely destroyed, or partial damage to also include fire damage, landslide, stairs and elevators.

This value is among the few payments in Turkey on real estate,

In addition to annual or monthly taxes, which are considered a low value.


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