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Documents required to buy property in Turkey?

Documents required to buy property

In order to ensure that the process of purchasing a property proceeds legally as   stipulated in Turkish law, you must know what documents are required to buy a property in Turkey before undertaking this process. Learn about it with us in this article.


No investor can start the  buying process without knowing the documents required to buy property in Turkey,

You cannot enter any investment sector unless you have the slightest knowledge about this matter.

The real estate sector is one of the vital sectors in the Turkish market.

It can revive the Turkish economy alone because it brings in foreign investors with the aim of buying real estate in Turkey.

Looking at the numbers,

the number of properties sold to foreigners at the end of last year amounted to more than 45 thousand

In a normal, rising outcome that the Turkish real estate market witnesses annually,

as the real estate sector used to break records every year.

Turkey is considered as the land that achieves the difficult investment for investor due to its vital properisty in all aspects

Thanks  to a number of factors,

most notably its superiority in the population censusand in the level of culture, education and demography,

In addition to the strategic geographical location,

which is considered as a historical gateway between the east and the west .

These factors have helped  the investment  in the fields of industry, export, tourism and technology.

Which logically contributed to raising the real estate sector sales to foreigners.

Since the beginning of its formation in 2002,

the Turkish Renaissance began with a storm of change in the infrastructure.

Including gas, electricity, roads, bridges, modernization of internet networks, technology,

renewable energy sources, real estate infrastructure, transportation networks,

and various service facilities, including health and education.

Perhaps this was the most prominent reason for the foreign come to Turkey in order to invest in it.

As Middle East investors preferred Turkey over other countries,

It also greatly attracted investors from European countries, the United States of America and China.


Documents required to buy property


Documents required to buy property in Turkey?

At first, the buyer must bring a copy of the passport with which he entered the country,

if you hold a passport that allows him to own real estate in Turkey.

And then go to one of the municipalities to obtain a tax number,

which is a number necessary to conduct any financial transaction in Turkey,

and is granted to every foreigner residing in Turkey.

Then you have to bring 4 recent personal photos showing the buyer’s appearance,

since the title deeds (Tabu)

put a picture on the document highlighting the personality of the property owner.

During the purchase process,

You will need to obtain a real estate appraisal paper,

from one of the institutions approved by the Turkish government.


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