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Country houses in Turkey

Country houses in Turkey

Real estate pioneers around the world built a stereotype that is usually in the form of high-rise buildings and superb exterior design, and this is considered a general conceptual model of the real estate form, especially in Turkey, but what about the other side? In this article, we will learn about the country houses in Turkey.

Country houses in Turkey.
The rural houses in Turkey have a special character. They are the beautiful houses that appear elegantly among the trees in the rural areas, which are very beautiful in everyone’s minds. Turkey is one of the charming countries that includes beautiful natural masterpieces , like Switzerland and Austria, etc.

Although the purchase of rural houses in Turkey is limited only in some purposes,
it has witnessed an increase in real estate demand during the recent period,
Especially for those who wish to settle away from the crowded atmosphere and loud noises.
Often these houses are closely related to tourism, as they can be
invested in this area for camping and spending some days among the melodies of nature and trees.

Country houses in Turkey
Country houses in Turkey:

Because it is located in some specific geography,
Their prices can be considered cheaper than the prices of some real estate located in the vital centers of major cities,
There is no comparison at all,

Country houses in Turkey

where are these houses? Is there such a style in Istanbul?

Yes, this pattern exists in the  Istanbul and in specific areas of the city, which are those located on its outskirts,
Such as the areas of Silivri, Arnavutkoy, Çatalca and Şile in the Asian part of the city,
They are areas that have not yet been urbanized and are
Still characterized by the characteristics of the charming countryside to this day.
But if we go to cities outside Istanbul, we can clearly find this type

in cities near Istanbul, such as  Düzce city .
There are also cities that are mainly large countryside,

such as the charming city Trabzon and the Rize city, the largest exporter of tea in Turkey and the world.


And according to the region, the prices of rural houses vary,

as well as their designs according to the general vision of the residents of those areas.


There is no typical design for all rural homes, but they differ according to different tastes.


Those wishing to own a country house can also purchase a plot of land and build a house .



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