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Commercial real estate in Turkey

Commercial real estate in Turkey

Turkey holds the key to acceptance for foreigners to establish feasible and giant commercial projects, relying on the technological and technical intelligence that Turkey enjoys.

Which raised the shares of commercial real estate in Turkey ,

and made it coveted by many foreign and local real estate investors.

Turkey is considered a fertile ground for the establishment of projects that include all service and financial sectors,

from real estate to tourism to trade, export and industry.

This year in particular,

Turkey broke its previous records, and reached very important indicators in terms of foreign investment in the country.

Commercial real estate in Turkey is not limited to a particular city,

although we prefer some cities for reasons that everyone knows, such as Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.

Indeed, Turkey as a whole is suitable for this type of investment.

In this article,

we want to clarify the meaning of the word “commercial real estate in Turkey”

and what its forms are and how we can benefit from it.


First:  What are commercial real estate in Turkey?


They are real estate that you are using for commercial and investment purposes,

and which can be used either on a personal level by launching your own business.

It can also invested in through the proceeds of renting it for an existing commercial project.

Either way, commercial real estate in Turkey is the most feasible real estate investment in the country.

For scientific reasons, the commercial real estate market reaches its highest levels during the summer,

due to the high demand by people to establish their own projects in Turkey.

The most prominent sector that uses these types of real estate is the tourism sector in Turkey.


Second: Where can I find the most prominent commercial real estate?


The word “prominent” indicates the most useful,

and not only “limited.” In every city, there is a possibility to buy commercial real estate,

but which commercial real estate is more feasible?

You can answer this question by answering another question,

which Turkish cities are the most prosperous?

Therefore, the most feasible commercial properties can be found in cities such as:

Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bursa, Yalova, Trabzon, Adana and Konya.

These cities are considered the most prosperous in Turkey, which feed the Turkish economy to the highest degree.


Commercial real estate in Turkey


Third: What are the types of commercial real estate?


The main types of commercial real estate are shops.

There are two cases of shops, like other types of real estate in Turkey, either ready-to-delivery shops, or shops under construction.

In both cases, it has a great benefit, and if it is ready, it means that it is already rented.

In case  that the financial return is not suitable for your investment ambition,

you can agree with the tenant and terminate his lease contract.

If the lease is suitable for you, the contract will remain valid between you and the tenant,

with the change of the old owner to a new one.

As for the shops under construction, you will get them at a reduced price ,

due to the offers included by the construction companies in Turkey.

You can either resell it as soon as the project or shop is ready for delivery, or wait and benefit from the rental income.

The second type of commercial real estate is the commercial office, which takes the form of an apartment in a residential project.

However, it obtains a commercial license from the municipality, i.e. a license that is valid for commercial use by the owner or the tenant.

The third most prominent type is hotel real estate, which is to buy a share in a hotel, or to buy an entire building used as a hotel.

This type is considered one of the most popular types of investment in Turkey.


Fourth: General advice on buying commercial real estate.


At the outset, we advise you to look at the location and the area, as this is the most important basis for the success of your next real estate commercial project.

It is preferable to contact a real estate company in Turkey in order to obtain the best investment offers.

The real estate company also has extensive experience, through which it knows the most prominent investment areas suitable for you to  buy a commercial real estate.

Try to make the area serviced by means of transportation and communication, as the tenant cares about this and considers it a priority.

You should also ensure that the area is served by all public utilities, such as hospitals, schools, universities, banks, hotels, etc.


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