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Choosing a real estate agent in Turkey

Choosing a real estate agent in Turkey

The first real estate purchase journey begins with choosing a real estate agent in Turkey, who can manage the process in the appropriate manner due to his experience in all real estate related affairs.

Choosing a real estate agent in Turkey

Therefore, it is okay if you take enough time and more in choosing a real estate agent in Turkey,

Rather, we advise you to do so because you are taking one of the most important steps in your life,

as real estate is the most expensive commodity in the world.

There are several ways to know the credibility of the real estate agent.

By researching and investigating previous sales operations that the real estate agent supervised,

You can find out by following customer reviews and analytics through their social media pages or their website.

Given the rapid demand for real estate purchases in Turkey,

Turkey receives monthly many requests to establish real estate brokerage companies or real estate development,

how is it not the most important profession in Turkey?

We at Noor Al-Jorany’s Company have been providing our services in the real estate sector in Turkey for more than 4 years, and we have the legal and real estate cadre that will provide your real estate application appropriate to your buying needs.

In another context, last year Turkey achieved the record number of properties sold by about 1.5 million real estate units, ranking first in the European countries, followed by the United Kingdom with about 1.3 million properties.

It also achieved a historical record in the level of apartments sales to foreigners with more than 68 thousand real estate units,

With an increase of more than 40% over the previous year.


Choosing a real estate agent in Turkey

Choosing a real estate agent in Turkey:

A real estate agent is an individual or an organization (both of which own a registered company) who works to provide real estate offers to the customer at the best prices, and it is also called a brokerage company between the seller and the buyer.

As a kind of encouragement, the construction companies give the real estate agency or real estate marketing companies better prices so that they can attract their customers to the property by the company that offers it.

As a maximum, you cannot find the construction company’s prices lower than the real estate brokerage company’s prices.

The prices offered to real estate marketing companies are the same as those offered by the construction company.

The real estate agent in Turkey will also complete the transaction of your purchase of the property until you get the title deed,

In addition, it will continue with you even after purchase in case you decide to furnish the apartment you purchased.

And real estate development or real estate marketing companies have a legal cadre

If you buy real estate in Turkey for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship.


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