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Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul 2022

We do not invite you to look only at the price, but the purchase must be made by the investor to a number of elements, the most important of them are quality and region, and for those who are more interested in getting to know about the subject, we invite you to read this article.

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul
We at Noor Al-Jorany Company do not deny the existence of cheap
apartments for sale in Istanbul 2022, but we invite you to
search more about other strengths other than price,
In most cases, the price is a deception that the real estate
agent throws his hook to catch customers
who often fall into the well of real estate fraud,
At that time, they will not be able to get rid of the effects of
what they have done, except after visits and rounds in the courts.
So look more at things that are worth looking into,  things that will last with you in your property.


Among the most important things that deserve our consideration is the quality of the property,

A high-quality property is an investment property that will achieve
the required profits one day, while a property with poor specifications,
even if its price is cheap, will inevitably bring you a loss.

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul 2022
Istanbul is considered the most Turkish city that sells real estate annually,

Last year, more than a quarter of a million properties were sold out of a
total of 1.5 million properties, including more than 15,000 properties for
foreigners who bought more than 60,000 properties last year.
Istanbul also sits on the throne of all other investments,
tourism, industrial and the rest of the economic sectors .

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul 2022:

Low price is a really important factor for buying, but not the main one,
If you see a suitable property of high quality, creative engineering
design and reduced price for a limited time, this is a very suitable real estate offer.
But if you are offered a cheap property of poor quality, this
means that the property has many problems,
Either in a bad real estate area, very old construction age,
or poor building materials. We advise you to stay away from
it because it is basically not suitable for purchase.



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