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Çekmeköy district in Istanbul |The rhyme of nature


It is one of the most wonderful tourist areas, in which investors are looking forward to a prosperous reality in the near future.. Get to know the Çekmeköy area in Istanbul.

Çekmeköy district in Istanbul has recently been distinguished

by the unique architectural style that distinguishes some famous areas such

as Beylikdüzü, Bahçeşehir, Maslak and Umraniye,

but with different characteristics from those areas.

The region is known for its trees, roses, and forests that contain thousands of species of plants and flowers,

which gives it a rare character.

Çekmeköy is one of the special historical areas of the city,

as a vital extension of Istanbul’s Asian history where the region is located.

The area includes a famous lake,

and it is one of the areas where visitors go to practice dazzling camping activities on the beautiful sands of the lake.


Çekmeköy district in Istanbul


Information about Çekmeköy district in Istanbul :

It is a real estate up-and-coming area, boasting ultra-fresh natural beauty.

It also occupies a very vital geographical position.

These features enriched it with a special semantic symbol full of calmness and immense beauty.

The area has a special and unique style, as modern real estate, especially high-end villas,

merge with the charming nature.

Today, it has become one of the signs of development and sophistication in Istanbul.

The area is located near Umraniye, Kadikoy and Atasehir.

The most famous areas in Asian Istanbul.

It also has an infrastructure that experts consider the most modern in Asian Istanbul.

The region is witnessing a significant real estate escalation,

with the inevitability of developing public facilities

and streets in the region in line with the development and modernity of the existing residential complexes.

The area has prominent tourist attractions, as is the case with all areas of Istanbul.

Among its most prominent tourist attractions are:


Çekmeköy district in Istanbul


1- Çekmeköy forest.

2- The zoo.


Çekmeköy district in Istanbul


The region is home to many local and international schools as well as academic institutes and universities.

This indicates the importance of the area and the high demand for it.

It also includes hospitals and public service facilities in general,

within the forms of development in the infrastructure of the region.

Çekmeköy area in Asian Istanbul is one of the most promising areas for investment,

It is a rare investment opportunity for those looking to invest in Istanbul



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