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buying a land in Turkey | Conditions for buying lands in Turkey

Buying lands in Turkey

Buying lands in Turkey is best catch of many investors wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey, and land in Turkey is one of the most popular types of real estate.

And we receive daily in Noor Al-Jourani company, calls and inquiries about the conditions for buying a land in Turkey,

and what are the necessary steps to make the deal  .

Above all , we must know that the Turkish government encourages real estate investment in this particular field,

because it considers agricultural land a good and a benefit  for the entire country.

The lands in Turkey extends over large areas, making up about 32% of the country’s total area.

And the green spaces in Turkey are a stereotype taken from the country in the minds of many people,

because of what they see of wonderful landscapes in Turkey.

The agricultural sector in Turkey contributes significantly to supporting the Turkish economy,

as Turkey produces a variety of agricultural crops.

Turkey has its perfect geographical location, which is neither eastern nor western, which contributed to the diversity of the crops harvested.

In addition to the soil high fertility, due to its diverse climate, at the moment when it snows in some Turkish cities,

you find that the residents of other cities cannot sit without air conditioning.

Enormous diversity made Turkey a great agricultural country that germinate all kinds of agricultural crops!




| What are the most important agricultural cities? |



In fact, there is no place unsuitable for agriculture or to buy land in Turkey. But there are cities that are preferred over others because of their small population and lack of urban areas.

Among these cities, for example, is Tekirdag city , which is adjacent to Istanbul, which we prefer because of its location near the most important Turkish city.

Rize city, it is famous for its tea cultivation, and Ordu city, famous for its hazelnut cultivation, which sweeps the world market.

In addition to of Mersin and Trabzon cities.


Buying lands in Turkey



| Conditions for buying lands in Turkey |


Everyone can buy a land in Turkey like any other type of real estate if his nationality qualifies him to own real estate in Turkey.

But the lands in Turkey are distinguished by their own conditions:

1- The land should be cultivated within a maximum of two years.

2- The land should not be near a military installation.

3- A person cannot own more than 300,000 square meters.

4- Foreigners may not possess more than 10% of the total area of ​​the city.

5- cannot build on agricultural land.


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