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buy a real estate in Turkey

buy a real estate in Turkey

An opportunity gives you the keys to a decent life covered with luxury, when you decide to finaly purchase a property in Turkey .. Taking in consideration to beware of losing your money in the wrong property!

Investors with a long history of real estate consider that buy a real estate in Turkey is one of the most successful investments in the Turkey.

Turkish citizens and foreigners have a big and vital interest to buy real estate in Turkey.

An official statistic issued on 10/19 stated that since the beginning of this year, more than two million properties have been sold in Turkey.

Istanbul take the first place in the list of the most Turkish cities in buying real estate in the country,

followed by Antalya, the tourism paradise in Turkey, and then the capital, Ankara.

At the top of real estate patterns, houses took the lead with 919,972 houses, followed by lands with 573,982 agricultural land.

Then in the third place came the plots of land with 375 thousand and 986 land,

and in the fourth place came the shops with 93.649, and more than 155 thousand real estate units of other types.

These numbers are considered record numbers, as Turkey achieves year after year an amazing real estate demand by investors,

especially foreigners, putting their trust in the real estate sector in Turkey.

Iranian citizens topped the list of  most buying real estate nationalities in Turkey, followed by the Iraqi and then the Russian citizens.


buy a real estate in Turkey


buy a real estate in Turkey


Important steps for buying a property in Turkey:

Real estate is like a passion, you must feel it with your heart.

On this basis you are obligated to follow your heart and mind in choosing the right property for you.

Buying a property in Turkey is like establishing a new lifestyle for your life, whether as an investment or for the sake of living and settling in Turkey.

First of all, you must contact the appropriate real estate company in order to buy a property for you in Turkey.

In turn, they will offer  you of a certain number of properties, from which you can choose more than one option.

Then you make real estate tours on the properties that you have chosen and that are suitable for your purpose of buying.

Then, as soon as you settle your convictions on a choice among them that convinced you the most .

You reserve the property by paying a deposit (calculated from the total property value).

Then you pay the rest of the amount (or the first payment if the property is in installments).

Before all this, you must issue a real estate appraisal document in Turkey,

which makes all your papers appropriate in order to obtain a title deed in Turkey.


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