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Best areas for real estate in Istanbul 2022

Best areas for real estate in Istanbul 2022

Turkey occupies an important position globally in the real estate market, which has attracted many foreign investors who always have the question: “What are the best areas to own real estate in Istanbul?”

In order to know what are the Best areas for real estate in Istanbul 2022 ,

let us first explain to you some things about real estate in general.

Turkey is expected to break a record this year 2021 in the number of properties sold to foreigners,

After witnessing a slight decline last year due to the impact of the Corona virus.

This is despite the fact that the impact is low compared to other investment sectors that were hit by the closure of all border.

Real estate sales to foreigners for the year 2022 achieved an estimated figure of 41,000 properties

And Iranian citizenship ranked first as the most foreign investors buying real estate,

followed by Iraqi and Russian citizenship.

This year’s data shows that the Chinese occupy a very important number in real estate purchases.

This number is unusual compared to the past years in which foreigners were allowed to own real estate in Turkey.

Chinese ranked fifth as the most buyers of real estate,

They also ranked fifth as the most holders of Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey.

Moving on to the content of our article, we must first recall that the areas for housing are different from the areas for investment and trade in Istanbul.

In the beginning, you must determine your purpose for buying a property in Turkey so that you can determine the ideal area for your ambition.


Best areas for real estate in Istanbul 2022


The best areas for real estate in Istanbul 2022:

Through our experience, we can identify some areas that are considered the best for real estate ownership in Istanbul,

in terms of investment and in terms of housing and stability.

The first of these areas is the Bahcesehir area, which is especially for those who wish to own real estate in order to settle in the city,

It is considered one of the most beautiful green areas covered with the colors of nature taken from rare flowers and plants.

We can estimate that the Beykoz area is the second best area for housing,

It is located on hills and mountains overlooking the Black Sea and the Bosphorus Strait.

And the Riva River, which crosses the neighborhood, has a special luster and a very beautiful visual nourishment.

As for the investment areas, we will not find better than the Basin Express area,

which is located in the center of European Istanbul,

Which is considered one of the arteries of finance and business in Turkey by its recent transformation into an important financial center.

Then Sisli and Atasehir, which are characterized by high investment feasibility in view of their central geographical location,

and their importance in embracing the largest international companies and international regional factories.


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