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Besiktas district in Istanbul | A prosperous lifestyle

Besiktas district in Istanbul

It is the pulse of tourism, and a space of elegance and beauty, with its bustling nightlife, and quiet mornings.. Learn about Besiktas region..

Besiktas district in Istanbul is considered one of the most important areas in the city

because of its great and high tourist value.

The area has stunning natural landscapes and prominent tourist attractions

that made it one of the most prominent tourist areas in Istanbul.

It is also unique in a very important strategic location in the heart of the city on the European side,

overlooking the Bosphorus with a wonderful artistic view.

It is one of the most important marine areas whose restaurants serve delicious seafood with Turkish spices with great taste.

Parts of it extend to the municipality of Sisli,

while other parts of it are formed as a separate municipality that includes the most prestigious areas of the city,

such as the famous Ortakoy neighborhood in which the image of the Bosphorus merges with the famous mosque that everyone knows.

It extends from the famous Kabatas district to the aforementioned Ortakoy district,

and includes one of the most prominent landmarks of Istanbul, the Dolmabahce Palace, the Sultans’ Palace.


Besiktas district in Istanbul


Learn about Besiktas area in Istanbul:

Besiktas district is considered the second most important tourist center of Istanbul after Beyoglu district,

which includes Taksim and Istiklal Street.

It is intended for tourists from inside and outside Turkey, Istanbul,

and is known to everyone who knows Turkey around the world.

Its proximity to the famous financial center, Sisli, distinguishes it more than the rest of the regions.

The region is adjacent to the districts of Beyoglu, Sisli, Sariyer and Kağıthane.

As for the infrastructure of the region, there is no newer one..

It is filled with buildings that provide public services such as hospitals, schools and universities.

The ease of access to the area made it a leader in the tourism sector,

in addition to the large number of tourist attractions in it.

In addition to the aforementioned Dolmabahce Palace,

it includes other prominent landmarks such as the ancient Ortakoy Mosque and the picturesque Yıldız Park.

As for real estate in the region, it is classified as A+,

meaning its prices are high due to its high value among the regions.

But the properties there are very modern and very beautiful with standard specifications that are better than other properties in other areas.


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