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Bayrampasa district in Istanbul | Vital center area


Bayrampasa is characterized by its central location  in Istanbul, at the same time it has a suitable price rate for the real estate registered within it.

The geographical location that distinguished the Bayrampasa district in Istanbul ,

being located next to the Fatih district, “the mother of history” in Istanbul,

made it occupy an important position in the Turkish real estate market.

And this region has received Muslim immigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are called “Boshnaks.”

Therefore, you will find all citizens of Bosnian origin in the region.

The region is attributed to what is known as the “Great Virtues”, who is Bayram Pasha,

who assumed the greatest preeminence in the seventeenth century.

The region also received immigrants from North Macedonia and the Balkan countries,

where they worked in agriculture, cattle breeding, and industry, and due to them,

the image of the region was formed.

Among the advantages that the region enjoys, is the quality of services provided in it,

in addition to its modern infrastructure, which has raised the real estate value of the region in stages.

The most prominent feature of the area is its quietness compared to the rest of the center,

which is crowded and noisy at most times of the day.

It is also full of international and huge shopping centers, where the residents can meet all their needs,

apart from being entertainment centers to stroll around.

The most famous of these centers is Forum Istanbul,

which is the largest in Europe, attracting visitors from all over Istanbul.


Bayrampasa district in Istanbul


About Bayrampasa district in Istanbul:


Historically, the area was called Sagmalchyar until the cholera pandemic invaded it in 1960, and killed hundreds of its residents lives.

After the epidemic ended, the residents changed

its name to Bayram Pasha because the Grand Vizier owned a farm in the area,

and because the name of Sagmalchyar was associated with the cholera epidemic and his bad memory.

The area of ​​the region is only 8 km, and its population is about 300,000.

Over the past 10 years, the region has attracted many real estate investors to buy real estate in Bayrampasa.

Its properties enjoy a high investment value and high profitability indicators.

Since the area is old, most of its buildings are historical old buildings,

but the area has expanded and the quality of the residential complexes have developed.


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