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Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul | Natural masterpiece

Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul

In front of the Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul, which means “the city of gardens”, you stand silent about to appreciate its beauty.

Life flourishes in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul,

a prosperity that is measured by the number of hours, not by days or years.

Life here is rapidly evolving, you feel as if you are running after something you are going to lose.

The area was held captive by two municipalities within the municipalities of Istanbul,

Where it was divided into a section belonging to the municipality of Basaksehir,

which is the largest section, and another section to the municipality of Esenyurt.

This region has raised the value of the areas joining it or the surrounding areas,

due to the abundance of its beauty, and the intensity of the natural manifestations that cover it.

It is among the very quiet areas that are suitable for family life,

as it has security that attracts all social classes to it.

Which encouraged the giant construction companies to go more towards this area,

and build giant residential complexes in it, which then became the best for housing and stability.

Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul

Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul

In addition to gaining high value as a result of major infrastructure projects that were built within the region or that the region included a part of it, or it is still under construction.

The area is bounded by the TEM highway,

It is located minutes away from the Marmara Expressway and Istanbul’s Third Bridge.

It is also adjacent to the new Istanbul Water Canal, to be established next year,

in addition to the largest infrastructure projects, which is Istanbul’s new airport or Istanbul’s third airport.

The new metro line project connecting to Bahçeşehir is one of the attractions that will enhance the value of housing and stability in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul.

The area is currently served by a range of public transportation such as buses and minibuses.

The region is located in a large and strategic geographical area,

as it is bordered by Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Arnavutkoy, Avcilar, and Buyukcekmece.

Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul

Its geographical location allowed it to occupy a leading real estate position in the various areas of Istanbul,

and it has become the first residential choice for many people as a result of its location

near a number of investment areas in which the most important factories and international companies are located.

Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul

As we mentioned, the area has become the fertile soil for real estate projects, as hundreds of wonderful and amazing residential complexes are being built on its lands.

The real estate in the Bahcesehir region is characterized by modernity,

in addition to the features that allowed it to become resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters.

And the region in general is far from the epicenter of earthquakes.

Recently, the area witnessed and is still witnessing a rise in real estate prices,

the value of which is up to 70% of its old value.

The features that we have mentioned to you contributed to this increase.


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