Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?
Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?

In every region, and even in every neighborhood, you must see that green spots  next to each other, with children’s playground and some sport machines in the middle for doing…

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Istanbul countryside

The countryside of Istanbul .. as if you live in a fantasy between nature, lakes and bright roses. Istanbul countryside Recreational activities are not interrupted within the same city in…

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Title deed in Turkey

The most document that gives real estate security to investors The investment advantages in Turkey vary, whether through the profit returns that accrue to the investor or other logistical advantages….

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Mugla city in Turkey

The Turkish city Mugla sits on a remarkable location overlooking the Mediterranean coasts , which has the longest coastal extension compared to the rest of the Turkish cities overlooking it….

Renewable energy in Turkey

It is not an investment that does not require effort or vision, but rather it requires concerted efforts and exacerbation of possibilities in order to truly benefit from it. Renewable…

Monthly returns profits

Surely you have heard of this term before, especially if you have bought a property in Turkey, but we are keen to make information about real estate in Turkey clear,…