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Areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2022

areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2022

Every area of ​​Istanbul , has a significant features that defirs one another , and each neighborhood has a fundamental advantage , so it has become difficult to determine which areas are the best for those want to buy a property , in this article we will complete our series of listing the best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul .

The best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2022

We previously mentioned that the best areas to buy real estate
in Istanbul 2022 are Bahcesehir, Beykoz and Beylikduzu,
Today we will continue the series on other areas that have great benefits for investors.

areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2022
Istanbul is one of the world’s leading cities in the real estate sector.
It attracts foreign investors annually.

More than 225 thousand properties were sold last year in Istanbul, a significant
increase over the previous year, when the country was affected by the Corona pandemic.

Today, after the investment has return to its normal vibrant active,

The picture has become more clear, and the real estate sector sales has returned to its pre-pandemic numbers,

Which showed the great superiority of Istanbul in the real estate .
Istanbul is characterized by a huge population, which made it one of the largest global cities.

It includes more than 17 million people, which together with the number of tourists
constitutes an incomparable purchasing power globally.

Which worked to attract investors due to the importance of this matter and its impact on the economy in Turkey.

areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2022
The best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul 2022:

We had mentioned in previous articles about the difference between residential and investment areas,

And that the priority here is not for the region, but rather follows the specific circumstances of each investor separately.

Hence, we mentioned some of our real estate experience about the best areas that
constituted an important number in the investment or residential real estate sector, according to the advantages they provide to investors.

Among the wonderful residential areas in Kadikoy, in the Asian side of Istanbul,

It is the most famous tourist area there, as it includes one of the oldest streets in the city, Baghdad Street.

As for the investment areas, there is no doubt that the Basaksehir area, which
achieves a huge percentage of price increases, is a popular area for investment and purchase.

It is close to the new Istanbul airport.



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