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Apartments in Antalya | Foreigners investor’s favorite city

Apartments in Antalya

Have you ever thought about owning apartments in Antalya? That captivating city famous for its tourism and entertainment investments? So you are invited to learn more about Antalya through this article.

Apartments in Antalya
Before you start buying apartments in Antalya, you need to know
more about this charming city with its amazing nature.
Antalya attracts millions of local visitors also same number of foreign tourists,
This pushed many investors to think more about owning
apartments in Antalya and make them unique investments.
Turkey as a whole has occupied a significant number in the
global real estate market, as citizens of 184 countries around the world own real estate in Turkey.

Apartments in Antalya

In the Turkish citizenship law for real estate investors, about 20,000
foreign investors acquired Turkish citizenship by owning real estate in Turkey.
Further more , Turkey attracts investors to it for its multiple advantages,
and it attracts them in particular to the best Turkish
cities in which Antalya occupies an advanced position.

Apartments in Antalya
General information about apartments in Antalya:

The real estate market is considered a new commodity in Antalya,
as investors were looking at it with a purely tourist investment eye.

Yet Antalya has achieved a remarkable urban acceleration,
which attracted real estate investors to it, during the first 5 months of this year,

Apartment sales in Antalya have achieved brilliant numbers
amid the real estate market that has returned to Turkey after the Corona pandemic.

Thus Antalya ranked 4th as the most Turkish city selling
real estate with 39,000 properties in the first 5 months only.

Istanbul city yet was first with 125,000 properties, followed by the capital, Ankara,
with 67 thousand properties, and then Izmir with 47 thousand properties.

Apartments in Antalya
Antalya is the eighth largest city in terms of population, with about one million people.

After Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep and Konya.

But it is considered the second most attractive Turkish city for tourists after Istanbul.

Furthermore, Antalya is located on the coast overlooking the
Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by a mountains that gives a stunning
view that increases the beauty of the city and its elegant charm.

Therefore, titles such as “Apartments in Antalya” have become also attractive
addresses for investors who want to own apartments for sale in Antalya or in Turkey in general.

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