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Apartments for sale in Turkey 2022 | What is your the expectation?

Apartments for sale in Turkey 2022

This year may have passed quickly, but the numbers achieved by Turkey in the economic sectors felt the weight of this year, and prompted us to question more about apartments for sale in Turkey 2022 in the future.

In fact it is not different from previous years, and the truth here is that apartments for sale in Turkey 2022 will not stop its progress of the prosperity it is achieving,

but will accelerate the steps of it.

The year 2022 is considered the plot  for Turkey, as it is the door of its own vision for the year 2023, the year of its centenary.

This means that the government will intensify its efforts as much as possible, in order to achieve the successes it missed,

which it could not achieve previously due to some circumstances.

Turkey is well aware of the devaluation of the lira,

so it will break the barriers of the impossible in order to combat the series of inflation and currency depreciation this year in particular.

As we always see, the government is also fighting high bank interest,

Because it wants to attract investors to vital projects in the country,

and does not want investors to put their money in banks as an investment for them.

Many investors prefer to create profitability bases for them by depositing their money in banks and achieving high interest.

Which will cause a decrease in the value of investments in vital projects that benefit the Turkish citizen more than the bank.

Here we have not yet expressed our opinion, but we explain the issue .

But what is the impact of all this on the real estate market for the coming year?


.Apartments for sale in Turkey 2022


Apartments for sale in Turkey 2022


The real estate market in Turkey is the widest market among the rest of the investment fields,

It attracts thousands of investors annually since foreigners were allowed to own property in Turkey in 2012.

Accordingly, Turkey generates high profits annually,

despite the low taxes that the government earns from real estate sales in Turkey as a kind of encouragement to foreign investors.

However, the large demand for real estate increases the profits for the government and the people on the one hand, and for foreign investors on the other.

As the basic relationship in this sales process is between the foreign buyer and the Turkish seller,

The foreign investor benefits from the promising profit returns that Turkey guarantees to its investors. And the seller is a party to that profit equation.

As we can see, the most active market is the real estate market. There is no losing side in the equation.

Turkey is achieving record numbers annually,

even last year, whose volume of investments was affected by the damage to the world caused by the Corona virus.

But real estate sales have not decreased at all,

due to the popular system for sale here in Turkey, which is the online selling system.

While this year, Turkey is heading to achieve a unique record, by the end 2021,

with real estate sales exceeding 50,000 properties for foreigners.

In another context, Turkish exports this year may exceed 210 billion dollars,

which is an exceptional number in the history of the Turkish Republic since its founding.

As we can see, Turkey aspires to enter with all its might into 2022 in order to reach its success.

And you.. Have you thought about buying apartments in Turkey 2022?

If you are thinking, we are happy to receive your inquiries about real estate in Turkey.


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